Savannah College of Art and Design
June 2018 // Savannah, GA
-B.F.A. in Painting 
-Minor in Illustration 

Career Related Experience 

Studio Assistant 
Lauren Clay

July - September 2018 // New York, New York 
 -Work on digital projects using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, such as a window installation piece for One Plaza New York. 
 -Piece together projects using Adobe programs and create precise cut lines for the document to be sent to printers. 
 -Built sculptures by carving foam, building up the forms with the plaster-paper pulp combination, gessoed, and painted them 
 -Build to scale models of gallery spaces. 
 -Assist with on-site projects by helping take measurements, transporting artwork from one location to another, and help over see installation of projects. 

Curitorial Intern
Carrie Able Gallery 

June - August 2018 // New York, New York 
 -Assisted the curation of a group show in collaboration with Float Magazine by narrowing down 254 submissions down to 8 artists. 
 -Curated an online group show on the gallery’s Artsy account. 
 -Created and edited show catalogues using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. 
 -Managed the gallery’s Artsy account. 

Installation Assistant
Vanessa Platacis
January 2018 // Savannah, GA // Gutstein Gallery
-  Hand cut stencils that were spray painted for a site-specific 56 ft installation for the exhibition Alter Ego, held at the Gutstein Gallery in Savannah, GA
-  Gave input on certain color colbinations and placement
-  Assisted with material prep, spray painting, layout design, and taping

Gallery Intern 
Chinatown Soup

June-August 2017 // New York, NY 
-  Design duties included designing tshirts, posters, and business cards for the gallery to sell and use to advertise upcoming events 
-  Created a wallpaper design using Adobe Illustrator for the back half of the gallery
-  Installed artwork, greeted people who come into the gallery and answered their questions about the work

Production Assistant Intern
Identity Media 
July-August 2017 // New York, NY 
- Worked on set for commercial production shoots for companies such as Tom Ford, Pandora Jewelry, and Kohl's 
-Photographed products and props that would eventually be used in advertisements
- Drafted advertising suggestions for Triptent agency, focusing on Pandora Jewlelry web ads 
- Oversaw completion of managerial office duties

Installation Assistant
Carlos Cruz-Diez

 February 2017 // Savannah, GA // SCAD Museum of Art
- Invited to be a part of a team who painted and completed an installation that Carlos Cruz-Diez created for DeFINE Art 
- Measured and taped stripes and arrows, and applied multiple coats of paint onto concrete, and find solutions to weather problems 

Studio Assistant
William Ruller 
September-November 2016 // Lacoste, France 
- Concentrated on painting the landscapes of Provence 
- Gave and received critique about paintings and writings to help foster a learning environment
-Installed a group exhibition and framed work


Contra Gallery // 2018 // New York, NY
-The Shadowman meets The Feminine -- Group Show

Pete's Candy Store // 2018 // New York, NY
-Speed Dating -- Group Show

Chinatown Soup // 2018 // New York, NY
-All That Glitters -- Solo Show

Alexander Hall Gallery // 2018 // Savannah, GA
-SCAD BFA Painting Showcase --Group Show

Welmont Venues // 2018 // Savannah, GA
-FIX --Group Show

Non-Fiction Gallery // 2018 // Savannah, GA
-Alexander Collective Salon Show --Group Show

Amandine Bakeshop // 2018 // Seattle, WA
-While Supplies Last: Restock! --Group Show

Alexander Hall Gallery // 2018 // Savannah, GA
-Port City Review Exhibition --Group Show

Alexander Hall Gallery // 2018 // Savannah, GA
-Winter Student Showcase --Group Show

Alexander Hall Gallery // 2017 // Savannah, GA
-Open Studio Exhibition --Group Show

Chinatown Soup // 2017 // New York, NY
-Thank You!!--A Solo Show

Alexander Hall Gallery // 2017 // Savannah, GA
-SCAD DeFINE Art Winter Showcase --Group Show

El Rocko // 2017 // Savannah, GA
-Minou x El Rocko Painting Pop Up --Group Show

SCAD Lacoste // 2016 // Lacoste, France
-International Group Open Studio --Group Show

SCAD Hong Kong // 2016 //Sham Shui Po, HK
-SCAD Student Showcase --Group Show


Summa Cum Laude // 2018
-Savannah College of Art and Design

BFA Painting Showcase Best in Show // 2018
-Savannah College of Art and Design

Winter Painting Showcase Honorable Mention // 2018
-Savannah College of Art and Design

Dean’s List // 2014-2018
-Savannah College of Art and Design

Achievement Scholarship // 2014-2018 
-Savannah College of Art and Design

Academic Scholarship // 2014-2018
-Savannah College of Art and Design

International Experience

Hong Kong Study Abroad Experience // 2016
Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong

Lacoste, France Study Abroad Experience // 2016
Savannah College of Art and Design, Lacoste, France

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