Savannah College of Art and Design
June 2018 // Savannah, GA
-B.F.A. in Painting 
-Minor in Illustration 

Career Related Experience 

Studio Assistant 
KaiKai KiKi NY

October 2018 - August 2020 // New York, New York 
–Studio Assistant to Takashi Murakami’s Studio. 
–Completing tasks encomposed in the production of Takashi Murakami’s paintings, including panel preparation, color mixing, silk screening, hand painting, gold and platinumleafing, and packing of silk screens and panels.
–Working with a small team to achieve daily goals.

Studio Assistant 
Lauren Clay

July - September 2018 // New York, New York 
 -Work on digital projects using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, such as a window installation piece for One Plaza New York. 
 -Piece together projects using Adobe programs and create precise cut lines for the document to be sent to printers. 
 -Built sculptures by carving foam, building up the forms with the plaster-paper pulp combination, gessoed, airbrushed, and painted them. 
 -Build to scale models of gallery spaces. 
 -Assist with on-site projects by helping take measurements, transporting artwork from one location to another, and help over see installation of projects. 

Curitorial Intern
Carrie Able Gallery 

June - August 2018 // New York, New York 
 -Assisted the curation of a group show in collaboration with Float Magazine by narrowing down 254 submissions down to 8 artists. 
 -Curated an online group show on the gallery’s Artsy account. 
 -Created and edited show catalogues using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. 
 -Managed the gallery’s Artsy account. 

Installation Assistant
Vanessa Platacis
January 2018 // Savannah, GA // Gutstein Gallery
-  Hand cut stencils that were spray painted for a site-specific 56 ft installation for the exhibition Alter Ego, held at the Gutstein Gallery in Savannah, GA
-  Gave input on certain color colbinations and placement
-  Assisted with material prep, spray painting, layout design, and taping

Gallery Intern 
Chinatown Soup

June-August 2017 // New York, NY 
-  Design duties included designing tshirts, posters, and business cards for the gallery to sell and use to advertise upcoming events 
-  Created a wallpaper design using Adobe Illustrator for the back half of the gallery
-  Installed artwork, greeted people who come into the gallery and answered their questions about the work

Production Assistant Intern
Identity Media 
July-August 2017 // New York, NY 
- Worked on set for commercial production shoots for companies such as Tom Ford, Pandora Jewelry, and Kohl's 
-Photographed products and props that would eventually be used in advertisements
- Drafted advertising suggestions for Triptent agency, focusing on Pandora Jewlelry web ads 
- Oversaw completion of managerial office duties

Installation Assistant
Carlos Cruz-Diez

 February 2017 // Savannah, GA // SCAD Museum of Art
- Invited to be a part of a team who painted and completed an installation that Carlos Cruz-Diez created for DeFINE Art 
- Measured and taped stripes and arrows, and applied multiple coats of paint onto concrete, and find solutions to weather problems 

Studio Assistant
William Ruller 
September-November 2016 // Lacoste, France 
- Concentrated on painting the landscapes of Provence 
- Gave and received critique about paintings and writings to help foster a learning environment
-Installed a group exhibition and framed work


Tchotchke Gallery // 2021 // New York, NY
-New York Isn't F*cking Dead -- Two person show with Anthony Eslick

Marley Smit SVA Thesis // 2021 // Brooklyn, NY
-Of Decadence and Decay

Launch F18 // 2021 // New York, NY
-LAUNCH F18 10 Years

Bobblehaus // 2020 // Brooklyn, NY
-The Secret Garden

Launch F18 // 2020 // New York, NY
-The Viewing Room -- Online solo show

Spring/Break Art Fair // 2020 // New York, NY
-Spring/Break In Excess -- Booth curated by Yen Yen Chou and Rachel Gisela Cohen

Launch F18 // 2019 // New York, NY
-My Hollywood Mirror -- Show with Yayoi Kusama and Chason Matthams

Arts Brooklfield // 2019 // New York, NY
-WEAVE: Pattern in Three Dimensions -- Group Show

The Hole // 2019 // New York, NY
-Got It for Cheap -- Group Show

The Mount Analogue // 2019 // Seattle, WA
-Ultralight Beams -- Group Show

Here/There Gallery // 2019 // Portland, OR
-Sublime Banality -- Group Show

Contra Gallery // 2018 // New York, NY
-The Shadowman meets The Feminine -- Group Show

Bomb Pop!Up // 2018 // New York, NY
-Speed Dating -- Group Show

Chinatown Soup // 2018 // New York, NY
-All That Glitters -- Solo Show

Alexander Hall Gallery // 2018 // Savannah, GA
-SCAD BFA Painting Showcase --Group Show

Welmont Venues // 2018 // Savannah, GA
-FIX --Group Show

Non-Fiction Gallery // 2018 // Savannah, GA
-Alexander Collective Salon Show --Group Show

Alexander Hall Gallery // 2018 // Savannah, GA
-Port City Review Exhibition --Group Show

Alexander Hall Gallery // 2018 // Savannah, GA
-Winter Student Showcase --Group Show

Alexander Hall Gallery // 2017 // Savannah, GA
-Open Studio Exhibition --Group Show

Chinatown Soup // 2017 // New York, NY
-Thank You!!--A Solo Show

Alexander Hall Gallery // 2017 // Savannah, GA
-SCAD DeFINE Art Winter Showcase --Group Show

SCAD Lacoste // 2016 // Lacoste, France
-International Group Open Studio --Group Show

SCAD Hong Kong // 2016 //Sham Shui Po, HK
-SCAD Student Showcase --Group Show


Summa Cum Laude // 2018
-Savannah College of Art and Design

BFA Painting Showcase Best in Show // 2018
-Savannah College of Art and Design

Winter Painting Showcase Honorable Mention // 2018
-Savannah College of Art and Design

Dean’s List // 2014-2018
-Savannah College of Art and Design

Achievement Scholarship // 2014-2018 
-Savannah College of Art and Design

Academic Scholarship // 2014-2018
-Savannah College of Art and Design

International Experience

Hong Kong Study Abroad Experience // 2016
Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong

Lacoste, France Study Abroad Experience // 2016
Savannah College of Art and Design, Lacoste, France

You are welcome to download my CV here.

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